Submission Procedures

Please note a change to our submission procedures. Proposals should be submitted in a WORD document(s) ONLY. Documents should use a 12-point font and have a one-inch margins. Please type “TRENT/your last name” in the subject line of the email, and send to

Attached documents should be named as follows if attaching separately:

  • LAST NAME TRENT spring2018_AppForm (link below)
  • LAST NAME TRENT spring2018_Chair ltr
  • LAST NAME TRENT spring2018_Abstract
  • LAST NAME TRENT spring2018_3pg Stmt
  • LAST NAME TRENT spring2018_Budget (link and example below)
  • LAST NAME TRENT spring2018_BudgetNarr (link and example below)
  • LAST NAME TRENT srping2018_CV (shortened CV for each PI listed on the application form)

If you are submitting a single WORD document with all components of the proposal, please name it as follows:

  • LAST NAME TRENT spring2018_Full Proposal

Proposal Requirements

Each application should include the following:

  • Completed application form, with current grant period dates already added to application. (download the application in either .doc format or .docx format)
  • Letter of support from the department chairperson, unless applicant is the chair
  • A one-paragraph abstract that summarizes the project in lay language
  • A statement, limited to three pages, outlining the hypothesis of the project, a timetable for the work to be completed, research methods to be used, and anticipated results (Please indicate anticipated impact on PI, field or department, and Duke community more broadly. Please keep in mind that you are writing for an educated and informed audience who may not be experts in your field.) Please NOTE: More than three pages WILL NOT be accepted.
  • Completed budget form (download the budget form, .docx format) Click here for example.
    (If Trent funding will not cover the full cost of the project, list other potential sources. The foundation is interested in knowing if the funding will be available to complete the project.)
  • Completed budget narrative form (download form; .docx format) Click here for example.
  • An abbreviated curriculum vitae of no more than three pages for each PI listed on the application form. Please NOTE: More than three pages WILL NOT be accepted.
  • NOTE: Proposals do NOT NEED to be entered into SPS.

Reporting Guidelines

The Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation Endowment Fund requires a written report, preferably in Word format, submitted electronically at the conclusion of your project, no later than two months after the end date of the grant. The report should be forwarded to Angela Crews, Development Associate, Box 90600 or

Please begin with a one paragraph summary of your report highlighting aspects that you would like to ensure are brought to the attention of the Board members. Please forward at that time a brief report in lay language (two pages maximum) on your project, discussing the outcomes, results, and findings of your research. Please be sure to connect your results to the objectives of the original proposal. The Trent Committee seeks to understand what is particularly noteworthy about your project results and why. Please address the points below that are pertinent for your project. We know that not all points will be applicable to all projects:

  • Explain the significance of your project to you as a scholar;
  • Explain its significance to your department or field;
  • Explain its larger impact, if any.
  • If your findings or results were other than expected, please discuss.
  • Did seed funding from Trent leverage other funds?

Should the time period allocated for your project prove to be insufficient, please contact us in advance of the end of the grant period to discuss a one-time no-cost time extension.

Please note that awardees with overdue reports will not be considered for new grants.