SPRING 2024 cycle for grant proposals were due March 29, 2024. The next cycle will be fall 2024 the proposals will be due Oct. 31.

Submission Procedures

Proposals should be submitted using the link above with all attachments combined as a SINGLE .PDF.
Text should be 12-point font and have a one-inch margins.
No page numbers on any pages.

Proposal Requirements

Each application should include the following:

  • Completed application form
  • Letter of support from the department chairperson or director, unless applicant is the chair/director
  • A one-paragraph abstract that summarizes the project in lay language
  • A statement, limited to three pages, outlining the hypothesis of the project, a timetable for the work to be completed, research methods to be used, and anticipated results (Please indicate anticipated impact on PI, field or department, and Duke community more broadly. Please keep in mind that you are writing for an educated and informed audience who may not be experts in your field.) Please NOTE: More than three pages WILL NOT be accepted.
  • Completed budget form (download the budget form, .xlsx format) Click here for example.
    (If Trent funding will not cover the full cost of the project, list other potential sources. The foundation is interested in knowing if the funding will be available to complete the project.)
  • Completed budget narrative form (download form; .docx format) Click here for example.
  • An abbreviated curriculum vitae of no more than three pages for each PI listed on the application form. Please NOTE: More than three pages WILL NOT be accepted.
  • NOTE: Proposals do NOT NEED to be entered into SPS.

Reporting Guidelines

The Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation Endowment Fund requires a report two months after the grant period ends. All grant reports should be completed online at the following link.

Trent Reporting tool

We recommend that you open the report (from link above) look over the questions and compose your report in Word and then copy and paste the text into the appropriate and word limited text boxes; there is no save function on the report.

Financial reports signed by your business or grant manager should be upload at this link as well.

Should the time period allocated for your project prove to be insufficient, please contact us in advance of the end of the grant period to discuss a one-time no-cost time extension.

Please note that awardees with overdue reports will not be considered for new grants.