Please look over the form and make sure you have all the answers before beginning because you can’t save the form. You can print this form so you can see all questions or type responses into Word, then you can copy and paste into correct boxes.

    5. *During which cycle did you apply for your Trent grant?

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    7. *Provide a summary of the project and results. (500 words)

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    8. *If your findings or results were other than expected, please discuss. (250 words)

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    9. *Has this funding from Trent helped you to leverage additional funding and if so, how? (250 words)

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    10. *Please consult with your departmental business manager to fill out this budget form (proposed vs actual) and upload it below. You may use your budget form you submitted with your proposal if you add a column for "actual".

    11a. *Upload your budget form here and any additional files (4mb limit per upload):

    11b. **For media files over the size of 4MB, please use Duke Box and paste the shared link(s) below.

    12. Would you be willing to share your grant findings at a lunch or a poster session?

    *please direct all questions to Alexandra de Havilland, Assistant Director of the Trent Fund.
    Phone: 919-681-0475